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On January 2008, according to the investigation files from the DVD given to journalists, the PJ detective Ricardo Paiva received a dossier from British police and sent it to Paulo Rebelo, the head of the investigation of Madeleine’s disappearance, with an internal communication.
The dossier’s first document is an email from Stuart Prior, of Leicestershire Constabulary, with several files attached: MS Word documents with witnesses statements and a PowerPoint (PP) file. Inserted in the PowerPoint file, among other things, there was the sketch of the face of what was called before “The bundleman”, the faceless man’ sketch based on Jane Tanner description. The email was sent to Ricardo Paiva and to another Leicestershire police officer, Michael Graham.
Stuart Prior asked Ricardo Paiva, in the mentioned email dated from January 16, 2008 (14:55), to get back to him as soon as possible, with instructions from Paulo Rebelo concerning the action to be taken, about the content of the dossier.
The PowerPoint file, as the Leicestershire police officer explained, was completed by the Mccann and the witnesses statements were taken by UK Police. The second document in the dossier is a short message, also by email, from Gerry McCann to Stuart Prior, dated from January 16, 2008 (13:15), with the subject “sketch”:


As discussed.


The email sent by Stuart Prior explained that, in the attached documents, Jane Tanner’s description was taken from the Press and also from the summary of her statement. The witnesses statements attached to the email were from Gail Cooper, Paul Gordon and Trudy Dawkin. There were also files with “tanner description” and a “Summary of second statement of Jane Tanner”. Stuart Prior referred six specific questions, to be answered by Paulo Rebelo, and wrote that there was some urgency around those questions, as it was necessary to take decisions prior to the Gail Cooper artist impression appeared in the UK Press.
Another reason given by Stuart Prior for the urgency was the fact that he needed to get back to Gerry McCann because he asked to be updated about how Paulo Rebelo wanted the new lead investigation to be conducted. Stuart Prior wanted to know what kind of information could be provide to the McCann – who, as he wrote in the email, were very excited by the potential lead revealed in the PowerPoint file and in the enclosed witnesses statements.

A “point of power?”

The PowerPoint completed by the McCann has a title: “Finding Madeleine McCann – Aged 4”. Then, page after page, it has short references about the main points of several witness statement: Gail Cooper phrases about the a male she saw on April 20, 2007, while holidaying in a a villa near apartment A5, who is described as sallow skinned, scruffy, speaking broken English and claiming he was collecting money for an Orphanage in Espiche.
Alfred Schuurmans is another witness mentioned, in the PowerPoint file. He his head of Roscoe Foundation and Brian Kennedy spoke to him on January13, 2008. Alfred Schuurmans confirmed to Brian Kennedy that there are no Orphanages in Espiche or surrounding areas, and no collections were made, as this was illegal in Portugal.
Next page refers to Melissa Little, a qualified police sketch artist who spent many hours with Jane Tanner and Gail Cooper, to produce the sketches. Melissa, according to the PowerPoint file completed by the McCann, stated that there were many similarities between Jane Tanner’s man and Gail’s description.
On page 13 of the PP file, there is an “Action Plan”, with three points, to launch a worldwide search of the man pictured in the sketch. The last of the 14 pages of PP file has the sketch that Clarence Mitchell would show to the Media, during a Press Conference, on January 20, 2008. Following 11 pages have the transcriptions of witnesses statements, collected by British police.

Brief update to Gerry McCann

Ricardo Paiva replied to the January 16 email of Stuart, on the same day, at 17:52, on behalf of Paulo Rebelo, asking Leicestershire police to re-interview several witnesses and question other persons who were referred for the first time in his message and attached files. On January 17, several emails were exchanged between the two police officers, with details about specific actions and requests, most of them related with witnesses interviews and contacts.
Stuart Prior emailed Ricardo Paiva again on January 18, 2008 (18:57) to send more witnesses statements, in attachment, and inform the PJ Inspector that a brief update was given to Gerry McCann, as discussed between him and Ricardo Paiva. Stuart Prior also refers that he told Gerry McCann there were descriptions different from those of Gail Cooper and Jane Tanner, and evidence that several charity collectors have been “working” in the Ocean Club area, before Madeleine being taken, according to other witnesses.
The Leicestershire Detective Superintendent informed Ricardo Paiva that the sketch based on Gail Cooper description was likely to hit the Media over the weekend (19/20 January, 2008) – making clear that Leicestershire Constabulary was not involved in that in any way at all.
And just the day after Clarence Mitchell called the Media to released two sketches of a man the McCann “believe may have abducted the four-year-old”, one of the nannies from Ocean Club, Charlote Pennington, told the Daily Mail she saw Robert Murat talking “to a man who resembled the ‘oddball’ in the new sketch released by the McCanns”, outside the Batista supermarket. According to the January 21, 2008 edition of the Daily Mail, “Clarence Mitchell said the Madeleine McCann information hotline had been inundated with calls, saying the response had already been ‘very encouraging’. Gerry McCann wrote on his blog: ‘It is essential that he be traced. We believe many people must know who this individual is. We appeal to anyone who knows him or may have seen him to contact our private investigators. This man may have key information that will help us locate Madeleine.”

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Brian Kennedy and Metodo 3 meet the PJ detectives

On October 19, 2007, Alberto Carbas, the head of the Spanish CID Anti-Kidnapping Unit (Unidad de Secuestros de la Policia Judicial) contacted PJ and asked detectives in charge of Madeleine’s investigation it they were willing to have a meeting with a representative from Metodo 3 and a Spanish police officer from the same unit.
The purpose of the meeting was to give PJ some information those detectives had. The Spanish police officer made clear that Metodo 3 had no intention to interfere in the Portuguese police work, but only to transmit some useful information. In the same contact, Metodo 3 said that they were not working for the Mccann, but for Brian Kennedy.
On November 13, 2007, the meeting took place, in Portimão. Two PJ detectives – Ricardo Paiva and Paulo Ferreira. – the director of Metodo 3, Mr. Francisco Marco, an adviser from the private detectives company, Mr. António Jimenez (former head of Police Anti-Kidnapping Unit from Catalonia) and Mr. Brian Kennedy participated in the meeting.
The two PJ detectives submitted a report, about the meeting, the information exchanged and the investigations, following the leads given by Metodo 3.
On the report, which is in the DVD files, it’s referred that Mr. Kennedy stressed, just as the meeting started, that his only intent was a charitable one, because he was concerned with cases related with child neglect and missing children. He stated that his concern, in that specific case, was only the truth and nothing more than the truth, no matter the McCann, their friends or any other person was involved or suspect.

The man hiding in shadows

The director of Metodo 3 gave PJ a written report with three situations, allegedly received through their hotline and related with Madeleine’s disappearance The first was about an incident that British Media already referred, at the end of October 2007: a woman who was babysitting at Ocean Club, in apartment 5A, on August/September 2006, spotted a man “hiding in shadows” on a Thursday – the same day Madeleine, four, vanished”, as The Sun wrote on October 31.”
“The nanny – identified only as M.H. – reported the chilling incident to police in England shortly after the hunt for Madeleine began in May, but did not speak to cops in Portugal.”, according to the newspaper. Clarence Mitchell added: “This evidence backs up what we have always said, that Maddie was taken from her bed by an abductor.”
PJ dismissed this report, as detectives considered that there was no evidence it was related with the disappearance of Madeleine.
The second information was about the alleged existence of a paedophile picture in a computer at the home of Sergei Malinka, witnessed by the fiancée of a British girl, four years ago, when he was at Malinka’s home. The girl’s fiancée questioned Malinka about that and he said the computer belonged to a client and he would report it to the authorities, later, according to the same witness.
All computers found at Malinka’s home were apprehended and searched, but nothing relevant or suspect was found, the PJ report says.

Murat’s girlfriend seen with Madeleine

The third information referred to a witness detailed sighting of what was described, in the report from Metodo 3, as a woman handing what that witness was convinced was a child, wrapped in a blanket or a sheet, to a man, over a fence, with two cars parked close to them, near a city 100 miles from Algarve. The witness, a Portuguese truck driver, M.G., saw several pictures and picked up Michaela Walczuch photo, saying that it was the most similar to the woman he saw.
British Press also got the story, on November 19, 2007, but with different details. “A witness is said to have spotted Mr Murat’s German-born girlfriend Michaela Walczuch in a car with Maddie in central Portugal on May 5”, wrote Metro. The Daily Mail had a similar story, the same day: “A new witness has identified Michaela Walczuch as a woman seen with the missing girl in central Portugal about 100 miles from where she disappeared on May 3, a source said.”
As usual, Mr. Clarence Mitchell had something to tell to the Media: “”We will not comment on any active line of the investigation other than to say we are encouraged that our investigators appear to be making progress. Kate and Gerry are not ruling anything in or out.”
PJ investigated this last incident, and questioned the Portuguese truck driver. But the facts he reported to Police were a little bit different: He saw the woman handing something to the man, over the fence, wrapped in what seemed to be a blanket. It was not heavy, because they did it easily and the fence was around 1,60 meters high. Asked if it could be the body of a child, he said that nothing of what he saw could point to that.
Questioned also about the positive identification of Michaela Walczuch, according to Metodo 3 report, the witness told PJ that he couldn’t see the face of the woman, as he was driving his truck, at 70/80 km per hour, and the couple was at a good distance. He only picked up Michaela’s picture from the other pictures that Metodo 3 showed him, because it had the same hair colour and a similar body build.

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