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Jane Tanner – Record Of Tape Recorded Interview VI

4078    “Okay it’s now seventeen forty two on the evening of the eighth of April, two thousand and eight, I’m DC FERGUSON from Major Crime Unit and you are
Reply    “Jane TANNER”.
4078    “Lovely, we’ve done I think five interviews now today and the purpose of this interview which should be the final interview, circumstances permitting, it’s just to ask a couple of sort of relatively remote questions.  When you relieved Russell”.
Reply    “That’s got another head line”.
4078    “Do you remember which, do you remember which door Russell left your apartment by when he left after you’d taken over the care of Evie”?
Reply    “I don’t but I would, I’m fairly sure it was the road side one, I would have thought it would be the, the road side one cos we didn’t really use, I don’t know, I would say the road side one but I can’t remember”.
4078    “That would be your guess”?

Reply    “That would be my guess yeah”.
4078    “And also and you can’t be certain of this because can’t be certain of that and did you lock the doors behind him”?
Reply    “Erm well you couldn’t, I doubt I dead locked it cos the door’s, if you just shut the doors they locked anyway, erm so nobody could have got, if, if it was the door, if it was the road side door, if you shut it, it locked but you could further dead lock it, erm so no I doubt it, I think I would have just shut it, I don’t think I would have dead locked it”.
4078    “But you would have needed the key to have got back in anyway”?
Reply    “Yes”.
4078    “Or you would have had to have let him in”?
Reply    “I would have had to let him in, or he would need a key to get back in yeah”.
4078    “Unless he went out of the patio, sorry the pool side door”?
Reply    “Yeah and I think if he had gone out of there, I would have locked it and probably remembered, so I would say, I, I can’t say for sure but I would have said it was more likely, I don’t know, I honestly, I can’t (inaudible), I’m speculating, I don’t know”.
4078    “Okay, okay, do you remember when you told Russell that man carrying the child”?
Reply    “It was when he’d, he came back from one of the searches, I don’t know, I can’t remember how soon after it was they came back or anything but it was straight him and, can’t remember if it was him and Dave or him and Matt but I remember two of them came back to the apartment and it was, it was then, straight away”.
4078    “And when you told Russell, did you tell him with a matter of urgency, as a matter of urgency, with an urgency to the way you were telling him, or was it just an oh by the way I saw this”?
Reply    “Oh no, it was a definite oh effing blah you know, I think it was a definite, oh I think I’ve seen something you know, sort of a yeah”.
4078    “Yes, and do you remember whether that was before or after you told Fiona”?
Reply    “I think it was, no but I think it, I think it was afterwards cos I think Fiona, I think Fiona was fairly soon after I’d seen Rachael, so I would, I would say it was after Fiona but that’s I, I couldn’t say for sure but I think it was after Fiona”.
4078    “So is your guess that Fiona was the first person you told”?
Reply    “No Rachael was the first person I told”.
4078    “Right”.
Reply    “And then Fiona and then I think when Russell and Matt or Russell and Dave, whoever it was that came back, I then, then told them”.
4078    “Right.  I don’t know whether you’re going to be able to answer any, anything to do with this question, but I’ll ask it and then you can tell me whether you can answer it or not.  Do you know if Rachael rang the BBC that night, or early in the morning, or there’s some mention of an email from David PAYNE to the BBC, do you have any knowledge of that”?
Reply    “Erm I think I remember discussions about I think Gerry might have asked Dave to ring Sky, I don’t know whether it was that way, or no to email, there was some erm talk of, I can remember talk of emailing Sky, I don’t know what, where it came from and I think that was mainly Dave, and it was Dave that I don’t whether he did it or not but that was Dave cos I think at that point, I think me and Russell are more erm wary of the media and we were like oh is it the right thing to do, then I think it now because of contacting with (inaudible), I think it was the right thing to do but I know we were a bit more of sort of like um you know, calm down and in terms of Rachael, I know she has a friend who’s married to someone at the BBC so, but I don’t know whether, I can’t, I’m not sure if she actually did it, I think it was the next day, I don’t think it was during the night”.
4078    “Well we can clarify that with them”.
Reply    “Yeah”.
4078    “I need to ask, I need to do an exhibit label because we know you marked on that other map that we mentioned, I think it was DM2, this one here and you’ve marked one there where you were”.
Reply    “Yeah”.
4078    “Just need to do a quick exhibit label for that before I forget and again when I do the statement after this, it will include the fact that we’ve produced these two exhibits from your interviews”.
Reply    “Okay yeah”.
4078    “It’s just Policing stuff”.
Reply    “Yeah”.
4078    “Marked copy RDM2 and then there’s only one more thing after this, then we’ve done, if you could just sign there then Jane please”.
Reply    “Yeah”.
4078    “Thank you and the final thing that I need to ask you is in relation to attending Portugal for the reconstruction, what are your thoughts on that”?
Reply    “Erm it’s hard, I mean I think in an ideal world I’d be on the plane tomorrow if I thought it would help erm find, find Madeleine but some great concerns about the media and the, how the media will react to it, how that it will view it, you know will it just be a, another chance to have a dig at us, rather than actually focussing, focussing it back onto the, finding out what happened, or where Madeleine is, so I think that is a big concern.  Also it’s too late in the day, this should have been done, you know this was requested in the first couple of weeks we were there, this should have been done then, a year down the line, I would like to know exactly what hoping to gain for it because okay you might be able to see different escape routes that you think of but through you know DNA evidence or anything to back it up at this stage and it’s almost like and from totally personal level, the thought of going and sitting there and going through it, it’s just hideous, so I think I really need to understand that it has to be us that does it and why, I can understand that obviously we’re the best people to do it but you know, in terms of damage from a selfish point of view to us, other people from the media, psychologically whatever, I really need to know that there is really good reasons and that they really think there’s gonna be stuff comes out of it that can be used or you know what they are hoping to get out of it and it’s not, and if I’m being, going to my completely cynical side you know, is it, there’s not just a way to get us back to Portugal, so you know we, not that they can do whatever they want with us but you know getting us back to there so that they can slap an alguido status on us or you know, all of that sort of thing you know”.
4078    “Yes, so you have a lot of concerns about it”?
Reply    “Yeah”.
4078    “That’s okay, that’s alright”.
Reply    “(Inaudible) no so, no but I want, I really want it to be clear that it’s not just the”.
4078    “The sake of it yes”.
Reply    “The sake is not, no I won’t go back and I say in an ideal world I’d get on the plane tomorrow but I really need to understand that it’s worth doing and it’s not just a tick box exercise to be able to close the case or anything like that you know, cos it, I think they have to understand the affect you know that it could, the media you know, from a media point of view and a psychological point of view, the thought of walking up that road again and just going through it all, would just be hideous, so you know I think”.
4078    “Did you have the opportunity when you were still there to retrace your steps if you, if you like”?
Reply    “Erm I did on my, I say I did on my own and I did that one night with erm, erm Carlos (inaudible), but literally just, but yes I mean we, I did sort of when the media had died you know, sort of we managed to walk up a bit but the problem was, the media were all camped out there”.
4078    “Right yes”.
Reply    “For most of the time, so you couldn’t actually go that way very much”.
4078    “What I’m driving at and I’m not here to persuade you one way or the other, but I was wondering whether it would be a useful experience for you to be able to retrace your steps, but then like you said, the media are going to be there again anyway aren’t they”?
Reply    “Yeah and it’s yeah and, but it’s almost like what, I don’t know what extra information I can give so far down the line or if I do give any extra information and retrace the steps, you know what, I suppose we might, I wouldn’t, if you know if I think oh they look more like this, is it accurate to this far down the line, you know I think that is the”.
4078    “Yes”.
Reply    “It’s almost like a what, what benefit is gonna come out of it in that way and that’s not me being, I’m not being, cos the last thing is, you know I want to do everything we can to help but we’ve got to, because of the way the case has gone, we’ve got to sit, look at it in terms of damage limitation to us and our families you know down the line and we don’t want to give the chance, (inaudible) completely new set of you know media hype”.
4078    “Not unless it’s going to produce something worthwhile”?
Reply    “Produce something worth, worthwhile and I mean I’m not a Policeman, I’m not, I don’t know what is hoping you know, what they are hoping to get, to get from it, the only thing I can see at the moment that they’re hoping to get from it, is to find a hole in our story and from our point of view, we know there isn’t one of those, or you know, that’s not gonna help find Madeleine, so I need to understand exactly what they think is gonna help find Madeleine by us going back”.
4078    “Okay”.
Reply    “Does that make sense”.
4078    “It does make sense”.
Reply    “I say it’s yeah, it’s just a, because I can see at the moment, obviously the damage to us being more than the, than the benefit to Madeleine”.
4078    “Yes, yes okay.  There’s nothing else I need to ask, is there anything else you want to say”?
Reply    “Don’t think, think I’ve already said enough”.
4078    “Okay”.
Reply    “No I don’t think so”.
4078    “Well I’m going to go away and complete the statement I mentioned to you”.
Reply    “Mmm”.
4078    “Which hopefully shouldn’t take too long and then I think we’re about done okay”?
Reply    “Okay”.
4078    “It’s now seventeen fifty three”.

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