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Jane Tanner – Record Of Tape Recorded Interview VII

4078    “Right.  It is now nineteen thirty on the evening of April the eighth two thousand and eight.  I am DC Sophie FERGUSON from Leicestershire Major Crime Unit.  And you are?”
Reply    “Jane TANNER”.
4078    “And Jane this is our seventh interview today and the purpose of this interview is just to clarify some points in relation to a sequence of events that was drawn up, it is a timeline, in effect, of the events that happened on Thursday May the third two thousand and seven.  Firstly, I mean, I don’t know what format you may have seen this in before”.
Reply    “Umm”.
4078    “How did this come about?”

Reply    “Erm, I can’t remember when we decided, but I think it was a couple of days afterwards, we were just, we were all coming up with different bits of what had happened when and, et cetera, and we were just worried that over time that would, you know, we would lose, we wouldn’t be able to remember what was, what happened when, so we just thought we’d put it down on paper.  I think different people had put like little bits down on bits of paper for their own memory, so we just thought we’d get together, put it all down and just, I suppose in a way, do a bit of our  own, not investigative work, but, you know, put it together and see if anything stood out to us really”.
4078    “And who did that?”
Reply    “I think it was Dave’s initial idea or I think, I don’t know whether, well I think Dave sort of said and then we borrowed a computer from the tennis coach, just so that we had something to, to write it down on.  But we all did it together, we sort of all sat, we sat together and did, did it”.
4078    “So you all agreed on things at this time?”
Reply    “Yeah, we sort of, banded stuff around as well if we thought wasn’t, until we were all agreed on”.
4078    “Were there any sticking points?”
Reply    “Phew, oh, I can’t remember now, erm, nothing major, nothing major that I can think at all, I think there was probably, you know, times, timings, there was probably ‘Oh I thought it was a bit later’ or ‘I thought it was a bit earlier’, but nothing, in terms of the actual sort of sequence of events, there was nothing that (inaudible) many times”.
4078    “What I am trying to cover is, if anybody would look at this cynically”.
Reply    “Within the group?  Oh no”.
4078    “Externally”.
Reply    “Yeah”.
4078    “If people were to view this cynically and they may argue that”.
Reply    “Yeah”.
4078    “That everyone has been pressured into conforming to stating these times and sticking to these times.  Do you know what I am driving at?”
Reply    “No, no, I mean, that wasn’t, and I think with everything that has happened since, we do think whether doing this was a bad idea, because it does like we were all getting our story straight, but it was done in completely good faith, just purely because we knew we’d forget or we were forgetting, you know, between us we were forgetting things that had happened, so we just thought it would be a help to, to put it down on paper.  And we did it and gave it to the Police, so it wasn’t something we did without, you know, to keep to ourselves, we sort of did it and then gave it to the Police straight away when we’d done it, so, no, there was no”.
4078    “So the notes, for doing it, was purely with good intention and they weren’t, as I say, you know, if you were to view it cynically, they are not a kind of aide memoir of people trying to remember?”
Reply    “No, it was purely because we thought we’d forget ourselves and we thought it would help the Police to have our collective thoughts, thoughts on it”.
4078    “The times on it, I will go through them, but they are fairly consistent with what you have said on your interviews anyway”.
Reply    “Right”.
4078    “Twenty, I don’t like saying twenty thirty, ‘Half past eight standard booking for meal at Tapas Restaurant.  Twenty five to nine Gerry and Kate arrive.  Twenty to nine Jane TANNER arrives, followed shortly by Matthew OLDFIELD and Rachael MAMPILLY.  Quarter to nine Russell arrives.  Five to nine Matthew OLDFIELD returns to check the ground floor flats and then also sees David and Fiona and Dianne’”.
Reply    “Umm”.
4078    “’Three minutes to nine Matthew OLDFIELD listens outside all ground floor flats.  Nine o’clock Matthew OLDFIELD returns to the table.  Starters were ordered.  Five past nine Gerry McCANN returns to his flat’.  It describes how he found the door, et cetera, on that visit.  ‘Quarter past nine Jane TANNER leaves the table and sees Gerry talking to a fellow resident, the two were standing just up the hill from the gate towards Rua da Silva Road’.  I don’t know if I am saying that properly.  You didn’t speak to Gerry as you passed.  And then as  you continued up the hill you saw a man.  Then you have got the description of the man here”.
Reply    “Umm”.
4078    “Which is the same as the description in your first statement.  I will go through it again anyway just in case there is any discrepancies”.
Reply    “Umm”.
4078    “’A man aged thirty-five to forty, one point seven metres tall with slim build, a good head of dark glossy hair with a possible flick of hair to the right’”.
Reply    “Yeah, I think that’s because I just saw a lot of, a lot of hair”.
4078    “’The hair was longer at the back, not clippered or shaven.  The central and the left side of the face were not seen.  Full length trousers, casual in material, hanging without creases, the colour was possibly a brown or mustard, they were not jeans.  A long sleeved jacket, fastened at the front possibly by a zipper, it had a gathered lower hem and was also possibly brownish in colour.  The shoes may have been semi formal brogue.  Whether he was wearing gloves or not could not be ascertained.  He was not wearing a rucksack or any other identifiable objects.  He was only carrying a child with the head against the left upper chest away from Jane TANNER and the feet to the right, i.e. cradling the child like a baby.  He appeared to be walking in a rush to get somewhere.  He was not someone Jane TANNER recognised from the week.  He was not typically dressed for a tourist.  His clothing did not seem to be of UK origin and they had rather been purchased in Portugal’”.
Reply    “Umm, yeah, not UK origin, yeah”.
4078    “And the description of the child, ‘A Caucasian child.  About the ages of three to four.  Was seen to lie motionless, limp in the man’s arms, with her sleeping or possibly drugged.  She didn’t seem to be wrapped up well for the time of night, wearing only pyjamas.  The trousers were light coloured with a floral element, possibly with turn-ups.  The top was not seen well enough, although there was thought to be another colour involved, possibly pink.  She was not wearing shoes.  Twenty past nine Jane TANNER then returns to the restaurant by which time Gerry had also returned.  Twenty-five past nine, after the starters, Matthew OLDFIELD and’ who is ‘RJO’?”
Reply    “Russell.  Russell, it’s Russell James O’BRIEN.  So that’s Russell”.
4078    “Right.  Okay.  ‘Go back to the apartments via the car park entrance to check all the flats’.  Half past nine Russell remains in your apartment and Matthew goes on to check the other children before coming back.  ‘Twenty-five to ten Matthew returns to the restaurant table’.  Twenty to ten you return to take over Evie’s care’?”
Reply    “Umm”.
4078    “’Quarter to ten’, which you can’t comment on, ‘Russell returns to the table’.  And ‘Five to ten’, again you can’t comment on that because you were still in the apartment, ‘RMO’?”
Reply    “Rachael.  No, ‘RMO’?  Rachael, yeah”.
4078    “’RMO last time at table’?”
Reply    “Rachael OLDFIELD, yeah”.
4078    (inaudible)  And ‘Ten o’clock Kate leaves the table to check on her children’.  So, as I said, there is nothing different there to what you have already said”.
Reply    “No, and, I mean, this was done after all of our initial statements as well, so, I mean, it wasn’t sort of a get it all down on paper so we’re ready for the initial statements, it was done, I think, two or three days after that, so that was purely because we thought we were going to forget for ourselves”.
4078    “Yeah, I can understand that.  Is there anything, whilst you have been sitting in the rest room, that you have thought of that you would like to say, that we haven’t already covered?”
Reply    “Erm, no, I don’t, I don’t think so, no”.
4078    “Okay. I really don’t think there is anything more now.  I say that, but, you know, to the best of my knowledge, at the moment, I think that is the final interview, so”.
Reply    “Okay”.
4078    “It is now nineteen thirty-eight”.

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