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McCanns want to return to television

McCann’s : Escape from Portugal – September 2007

McCann’s : Escape from Portugal – September 2007

With little over a month to go for the second anniversary of the disappearance of Maddie, the little English girl that went missing in Praia da Luz on the 3rd of May 2007, her parents, Gerry and Kate McCann, are once again negotiating a television interview, during which they expect to launch a new public appeal, according to a source close to the couple.
According to the same source, the McCann couple’s interview would be recorded in England, but equally broadcast in our country, as there are contacts with a Portuguese television channel which, as usual, would be prepared to make a financial contribution to the fund that was created after Madeleine’s alleged abduction.
Kate and Gerry McCann – as 24Horas had already reported – are equally considering the possibility of travelling into our country, to the Algarve, to mark the second anniversary of their daughter’s disappearance and to reinforce the campaign that is presently being carried out in the area of Praia da Luz and its surroundings.
The announcement of a television interview with the couple has even surprised the British professionals in the sector, as earlier this month, Madeleine’s father had issued violent criticism against the work of English and Portuguese journalists, in front of a parliamentary commission.
After refusing to cooperate with the PJ in the official inquest into their daughter’s disappearance, Kate and Gerry, already as arguidos, abandoned Portugal with the assistance of diplomatic representatives of the United Kingdom in our country. An escape that was recorded and broadcast live by various television channels.
The McCanns stopped being arguidos when the Public Ministry decided to archive the process, which currently awaits better evidence, after Gonçalo Amaral left and the process was handed over to Paulo Rebelo, who did nothing to pursue the line of inquiry that had been opened in the first months of the investigation, as the PJ’s final report proves.
Several diligences remained to be carried out, including the reconstitution of the gestures and movements of the nine English adults who accompanied Maddie in Praia da Luz and who, according to their own statements to Portuguese and British authorities, were always very contradictory. Several Spanish, English and Irish witnesses were never heard in the process.

Duarte Levy

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Maddie: Tony Bennett on “Boland Show”

Talk Radio Europe broadcast Tony Bennett on “Boland Show” with Maurice Boland, 7.10pm to 7.45pm, Thursday 25 March: ‘The Madeleine Foundation and their booklet ’60 Reasons which suggest that Madeleine McCann was no abducted’.

Use this link to listen the complete interview

Tony Bennett


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Leonor Cipriano’s lawyer abandoned complaint at European Court

Leonor Cipriano’s lawyer, Marcos Aragão Correia

Leonor Cipriano’s lawyer, Marcos Aragão Correia

Without any reply from Leonor Cipriano’s lawyer, Marcos Aragão Correia, and given his manifest lack of interest in answering the judges’ requests, the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) has archived a complaint that had been filed by Joana’s mother against the Portuguese State, in which she complained about the alleged lack of impartiality in the decision by the Court of Portimão that condemned her, at a first instance, to 24 years in prison over the homicide of her daughter.

Despite the fact that the ECHR accepted that complaint, Marcos Aragão Correia didn’t follow up on the process and didn’t send any argumentation or details concerning the complaint, within the regular deadlines.

The initial complaint had been sent to Strasburg by Leonor’s first lawyer, João Grade dos Santos, who in the meantime was removed from the case through a letter from Leonor, that was sent after she was convinced by Marcos Aragão Correia that he was the most appropriate lawyer to represent her in the process of the alleged aggressions that features Gonçalo Amaral as one of the arguidos.

This is not the first time that the lawyer from Madeira fails to react as one would expect from a professional, as his performance as Leonor’s lawyer in Faro was also branded by the presentation of several requests that equally failed the legal deadlines. According to the European Court’s archiving decision, the judges waited for Leonor’s arguments and fundaments until the end of October 2008.

Leonor Cipriano was initially condemned to 24 years in prison over her daughter Joana’s homicide, a sentence that was later reduced to 16 years and eight months, by an appeals court.

Both of Leonor’s lawyers, past and present, declined to comment on the case, but a source that is connected to the process at the court of Faro, contacted by 24Horas, didn’t show any surprise about the fact: “Since the beginning, we have been stressing that the gentleman is not here in order to represent Leonor’s interests, but rather to personally target some of the arguidos, namely Dr Gonçalo Amaral, and at the same time, to seek for a certain protagonism in the media”, the source said.

Duarte Levy also in 24horas

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Conference : Journalists talk about “Maddie”

“The other side of the medal of the Maddie case”, is the theme of the conference organised in Lisbon on 2nd May by a group of journalists, investigators and experts who have accompanied the alleged abduction of Madeleine McCann.

The participation of the public is reserved to the number of places available and by invitation only. On the opening of the conference videos and unpublished documents will be presented.

You can already request your pre-inscription on this blog by leaving a comment indicating the language of your choice (French – Portuguese – Spanish – English) and the number of places required.

Don’t forget to fill in your email contact details (which will be hidden to public view) where we have to send all correspondence regarding your possible participation. The choice of participants is under the responsibility of the organisation. More details will be available in the coming weeks.

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McCanns consider returning to Portugal

Kate and Gerry McCann are considering a return to Portugal even before the second anniversary of Madeleine’s disappearance, a source close to the couple has told 24Horas.

Kate and Gerry McCann leaving portugal on september 2007
Kate and Gerry McCann leaving portugal on september 2007

“I know that some contacts have been made with the lawyers in Portugal, as well as with some of the couple’s friends in the region, but nothing has been confirmed yet”, the same source said, stressing that among the couple “Kate is more reticent towards a possible return.”
Kate and Gerry McCann abandoned Portugal in September 2007, after two days of questioning at the PJ that culminated with the couple being made arguidos, under suspicion of being involved in Maddie’s disappearance. They would both travel back to the United Kingdom, from where only Gerry would later return to Portugal.
The announcement of the couple’s possible return to our country is not seen with pleasure by part of the Algarve’s population, which can’t forgive the couple for their comments about a country that has done everything to search the world’s most famous missing girl: “That’s like the campaign that they’re doing now. It’s useless and only mocks the Algarve”, 24Horas heard from António Martins, a resident in Praia da Luz, who added that “saying that the Portuguese didn’t help them or that we didn’t give all the information, is ridiculous!”.
“They might as well start by replying to the PJ’s questions and doing the reconstitution, then we’ll see what the police thinks”, he said. Maria Afonso, a local resident, has a different opinion: “This campaign won’t bring the little girl back. Two years later, it’s stupid to think that way. This is only going to soil the Algarve’s name, and our streets. Who is going to sweep away the papers that they’re going to distribute?”

Cost of the campaign not revealed

From left: Suzi Steinhofel, Celia Edwards e Fred Phillips.
From left: Suzi Steinhofel, Celia Edwards and Fred Phillips.

It’s not known exactly how much the new campaign that the McCanns launched in the Algarve is going to cost , given the fact that the heads of the financial fund that was created by the couple nine days after Maddie’s disappearance, refused to publicise any amount, admitting that “we’re going to spend what is possible and necessary to find Maddie.”
This is an attitude that differs from the one that could be read from the Find Madeleine fund’s provisory accounts, which revealed that only 13% of the almost 3 million euros that entered the coffers were used to search for Maddie, as 24Horas reported.
The campaign, which is foreseen to last two weeks, was commissioned from an Anglo-Portuguese firm that is based in Boliqueime, ‘Atelier do Sul’, directed by Fred Phillips and Suzi Steinhofel, and renowned as one of the best and most expensive firms in the area.
Coincidentally, ‘Atelier do Sul’ was one of the few firms that were visited by the same consul that accompanied Kate and Gerry McCann’s questioning in Portimão.
Just like her predecessor, Bill Henderson, Celia Edwards abandoned our country after the McCann case.

Duarte Levy on 24horas

♦ Translated by Astro from Joana Morais blog.

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