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Maddie: The face of the new campaign

New campaign in Algarve
New campaign in Algarve

New internet site: www.ajude-me.eu

Despite the fact that all the posters and images on outdoors and buses display Maddie’s face, the true face that hides behind this new campaign remains undisclosed and Clarence Mitchell himself was evasive in explaining if the initiative came from the fund that was created by the McCann couple nine days after the child was allegedly abducted from Praia da Luz. According to the couple’s spokesman, the campaign is organised by “volunteers”.

According to a source close to “Find Madeleine”, after the publication of the provisory accounting of the expenses with the search for Madeleine, which were estimated at a mere 13% of the amount that the fund collected, the purpose now is not to spare expenses. A campaign that essentially targets the improvement of the couple’s image, which was damaged by the publication of the accounts, but also by the recent “confrontations” with the media.

In practical terms, the graphic execution of the new campaign was commissioned to a local firm, “Atelier do Sul”, with a new internet site cartaz-em-lagosa2www.ajude-me.eu where the answer is now given in Portuguese.

With the arrival of the second anniversary of Madeleine’s disappearance, it is thus to the Algarve that the attentions of the national and the international press converge, with special focus on the English, which are still affected by the accusations that Gerry McCann made in front of the Culture Media and Sports Committee.

The new campaign, which is to be focused on the villages surrounding Praia da Luz, may even count on the presence of Kate and Gerry McCann in Portugal, as a source close to the couple confirmed that the possibility is being pondered: “but nothing is confirmed yet”, the same source said.

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