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Matthew Oldfield interview part II

Read part one here and statement from DC Sophie Ferguson here

4078    “Okay.  It says the time is eleven fifty-four and we are still on Wednesday the ninth of April two thousand and eight.  I am DC Sophie FERGUSON from Leicestershire Major Crime Unit.  I know we have already had an interview but just introduce yourself again please?”
Reply    “I’m Matthew David OLDFIELD”.
4078    “Thank you”.
Reply    “Do you need my address or anything?”
4078    “No, I think we will go with the first one for that.  We have been speaking Matthew already about, you know, the first part of your holiday in Praia da Luz last May?”
Reply    “Yeah”.
4078    “And obviously in relation to Madeleine McCANN going missing.  And we have already covered between Saturday and Wednesday night.  And then we got to the point where I kind of enforced a break on you.  And we can now concentrate on Thursday, if you are okay with that?”
Reply    “Yeah, that’s fine”.
4078    “Again, like I said at the beginning of the last interview, it is just as you remember it, you know, if you remember things differently to how, you know, things are written in statements and that becomes apparent later on, don’t worry about that, it is as you can remember it now.  You haven’t looked at your statements this morning?”.
Reply    “Yeah”.
4078    “And you know that you are able to do that if you want to.  But we have, well you have decided, and I am in agreement with that, that you are going to do this without looking at your statement first?”
Reply    “Yeah, I mean, I think the Thursday is the day we’ve thought about the most and that certain bits of it I don’t remember particularly well but the important bits I think I do and I think there are bits that, erm, that from my previous statement, I don’t think there is anything different in there but, erm, I do think and I’m happy with the statement first”.
4078    “You might be surprised but this isn’t a test”.
Reply    “Yeah”.
4078    “This is just to recall”.

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Matthew Oldfield interview at Leicestershire Police Headquarters I

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4078    “We are recording okay.  So the time is now eighteen minutes past ten and it is the ninth of April in the year two thousand and eight.  We are in an interview room here at Leicestershire Police Headquarters.  I am DC Sophie FERGUSON, I work in the Major Crime Unit here in Leicestershire.  Could you just give us your full name please?”
Reply    “Matthew David OLDFIELD”.
4078    “Thank you.  And your date of birth Matthew?”
Reply    “Fourth of January nineteen sixty-nine”.
4078    “And your home address?”
Reply    “Twenty Sutherland Gardens, East Sheen, London, S, W, fourteen, eight, D,B”.
4078    “Thank you.  And just to put things in context.  You are married to Rachael MAMPILLY?”
Reply    “That’s right”.
4078    “And you have a daughter called Grace who is now two, is she?”
Reply    “Two and a half, she’ll be three in September”.
4078    “And you went on holiday with, erm, in company with the McCANN family last year?”
Reply    “Correct”.
4078    “Which is obviously why you are here.  This interview is at the request of the Portuguese Police and they will be monitoring this interview partly, you know, sometimes they will be, sometimes they won’t be. You have been given a letter from us outlining the objectives for this interview, but please ask at any time if there is anything you want clarifying”.

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