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Police officers under investigation in Maddie case

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Internal documents

Internal documents

An investigation targeting several British police inspectors has been opened after a collaborator close to the McCann’s stated that several internal police documents – considered as confidential – were sent from Portugal to a British journalist.
The documents in question, which officially were not known to the Portuguese authorities, all concerning the Madeleine McCann case, were “marked” which made it possible to determine their origin in the team that had accompanied the investigations into the claimed kidnapping, without however identifying the specific source of the leak.
According to the journalist, he supposedly received the documents without having asked for them, which is the reason why he supposedly delivered a copy to a collaborator of the McCann couple “in order to determine their authenticity”.
According to a police source, the investigators already knew that the documents were in the hands of some foreign journalists, but it is only now, thanks to the contribution of the journalist and his spontaneous “source”, that the investigation could start, the file being entrusted to “a national security authority”.
It’s since the beginning of the Maddie case that a large number of documents have been released from the British police files, part of which were published in full or in part in the media, as well as on the internet, where some did not hesitate to share some documents with complete strangers, allowing in this way certain parts of the file to end up in the hands of the people linked to the lawsuit.

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  1. cas says:

    I could understand if this was any other type of crime.
    But according to Gerry the only crime committed was an abduction of his daughter.
    So why all secrecy. so many people trying to cover up the truth, do they not have children of their own,
    hang your heads in shame supporting child neglectors.

  2. Eme says:

    Gracias, Duarte.
    Sorprendentemente, aún hay quien dice que TODO era de lo más normal en el trato recibido por esta pareja por parte de las autoridades de su país.^o

  3. Augusto says:

    PJ moles, Leicester police moles.
    This case has more moles than my backyard


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