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“There were mistakes from both sides”

Maddie’s father wants Portuguese authorities to reopen the case of his daughter’s disappearance. The PJ don’t believe it

Gerry McCann Smile - Luis Silva © 2009

Gerry McCann Smile - Luis Silva © 2009

During his recent stay in Praia da Luz, Gerry McCann stated that it was necessary that the Police could look at the results of the inquiry and say: “Where the mistakes are and what else can we do?”
Maddie’s father, who never voluntarily cooperated with the PJ’s official inquiry into the disappearance of his daughter, has now adopted a harmonizing speech stating, regarding the work done by the Portuguese Police that “they worked very hard and there were many pressures. Looking back, there were probably mistakes from both sides.” But Gerry’s statements do not convince PJ officers who worked on the case from the beginning under Gonçalo Amaral’s orders and who continue to defend that Maddie was not abducted: “I don’t believe he wants the inquiry re-opened… especially if we take into account the fact that they did everything to prevent the investigation reaching a conclusion,” a PJ officer told 24 Horas. “Even the Public Ministry mustn’t be that interested in seeing the case re-opened because that would mean having to admit that they made a mistake when they decided to shelve it,” conclude the PJ inspector who still maintains that “both the parents of the little girl and the friends never told the truth”.

The ‘mistake’ of the interrogations

Paulo Rebelo, Like Obama, he started out with a superhero’s image, only to end up as a simple human being.

Paulo Rebelo, Like Obama, he started out with a superhero’s image, only to end up as a simple human being.

As predicted, the inquiry into the disappearance of Madeleine was shelved by the Public Ministry shortly after the arrival of Paulo Rebelo who replaced Gonçalo Amaral in the coordination of the Portimão DIC. Paulo Rebelo, the same who had negotiated the return of Fátima Felgueiras to Portugal, was unable to continue the investigation and to carry out procedural acts considered extremely important, namely the official reconstruction of what happened on the night of the disappearance.

It was also under the responsibility of Paulo Rebelo – now assigned to the Lisbon department – that a PJ team travelled to England where the inspectors, unlike what was expected from them, were unable to follow all the interrogations of the members of the so called Tapas group, the seven English citizens who were with the McCann’s on the night Maddie disappeared. A mistake whose consequences still can’t be evaluated.

McCann family controls the financial fund

Despite the promises of transparency, it was under great secrecy that Gerry McCann, Maddie’s father, entered the group of directors who manage the financial fund that was created nine days after the little girl’s disappearance.
‘Find Madeleine’ has officially collected almost three million euros, but, not being a charitable institution, it is legally exempt from presenting its accounting, exhaustively indicating the use that was made of the money, which doubtlessly explains the fact that the documents that have been published recently, don’t include any reference to the payments of the mortgage of Kate and Gerry’s house, as well as other personal expenses.
Gerry McCann himself has recently stated that the money in the ‘Find Madeleine’ fund is soon to run out, which has prompted many negative reactions from those who initially had contributed and supported the family. The entry of Gerry into the directory actually happens after several personalities, who initially had supported the family, started distancing themselves from the couple, which has also coincided with a major diminution of financial income.
With Gerry McCann’s entry into the fund’s direction, which officially took place by the end of 2008, under great secrecy, Maddie’s parents assured complete control over the ‘Find Madeleine’ fund, given the fact that the majority of its directors are members of the family: Kate McCann, Gerry McCann, Peter Hubner, Brian Kennedy, John McCann, Edward Smethurst, Doug Skehan, Jon Corner and Michael Linett.


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