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Until when will the Public Ministry keep the “Maddie” case in a drawer?

It was through a press release that, on the 21st of July 2008, the Attorney General announced what was expected already: the archiving of the Maddie case, due to an alleged lack of evidence that any crime had been committed.
An incomprehensible decision, taking into account that 14 months after the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, numerous diligences hadn’t been carried out, witnesses remained unheard and, above everything else, a child had yet to be found.
Now, and according to statements by the AG himself, the Maddie case could be reopened if new data elements, but despite the appearance of several testimonies and documents, the Public Ministry has not manifested the slightest intention of continuing the investigative work that had been performed by the PJ in Portimão.
Even more incomprehensible, numerous documents from the process have come from England into the hands of journalists, and they all point towards a clear interference from the British authorities in an investigation that was well under way. It also remains beyond comprehension that the Public Ministry has decided not to prosecute all those who did everything they could to delay and damage the inquiry: the Spanish private detectives, António Toscano and his false allegations, etc.
Gonçalo Amaral, who was removed from the case allegedly due to having given a statement to a journalist, continues to claim that he fell prey to political and diplomatic pressures that could actually be verified through internal documents from the English Home Office and the police itself.
Today, almost two years after the death of Madeleine McCann, almost all of the indicia that were collected and analysed by the English lab has been destroyed, or its whereabouts are unknown, and nobody really knows what would be the famous element that the Public Ministry awaits to reopen the process, because so far, all of them have been ignored.
Several attempts have been made so far, and even with images and documents that were handed over to the police, the Public Ministry continues to ignore the real issue: the Maddie case is no longer a case that belongs to the McCanns, but rather a case that belongs to a society that needs to know the truth.

Duarte Levy

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  1. Eme says:

    ¿Quosque tandem, señor Fiscal?

  2. I read a long time ago that the Police had given
    the Portugese Prosecutor a file with all the
    relevant information. The Prosecutor took the
    file to a Judge to ask if there was sufficient
    evidence to go to Trial. The Judge supposedly
    replied “show me the body”.

    Although we know there has been UK Government
    interference and the McCanns were definitely guilty
    of neglect, the case will never be re-opened unless
    strong evidence emerges on what happened to
    Madeleine emerges.


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