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McCanns have not demanded reopening of the process

Reopening of the case in the hands of João Melchior Gomes and Magalhães e Menezes

José Cunha de Magalhães e Meneses

José Cunha de Magalhães e Meneses

Contrary to what Gerry McCann had led to suppose in the statements that he made to the press during his passage through Praia da Luz, neither the McCann couple nor its lawyers have requested the reopening of the inquiry into the disappearance of Madeleine, so far. The information was now confirmed to 24horas by a source at the Public Ministry.
During the filming of his version of what happened on the night of the 3rd of May 2007, the night of the alleged disappearance, the father of the English girl stated that it was necessary for the police to look at the results of the inquiry in order to see “where the mistakes are and what else we can do?”.
According to the same source, after the Maddie case was archived, on the 21st of July 2008, several elements were appended to the process, but neither the joint Attorney General, João Melchior Gomes, nor the prosecutor, Magalhães e Menezes, have so far considered that “sufficiently strong” motives exist to reopen the inquiry.
Even today, almost two years after Madeleine McCann allegedly died – as Gonçalo Amaral defended in his documentary – the investigators continue to have no doubt that the inquiry was affected by a contamination that was carried out intentionally by Kate and Gerry McCann, with one sole purpose: to conceal their daughter’s death. These are the suspicions that are part of a report that was signed by a chief inspector, on the 10th of September 2007, and which are part of the process but were ignored by the PJ’s final report.
At that time, the investigator even suggested a change in the coercion measure of ‘termo de identidade e residência’ [obligation to state identity and residence] for the couple that had just been made arguidos, a fact that was also ignored by the Public Ministry, which actually allowed for Kate and Gerry McCann to abandon the Portuguese territory.
Gonçalo Amaral, the former coordinator of the CID in Portimão, continues to state that Madeleine died on the very same night that she disappeared, and in the documentary that TVI broadcast this week, he demonstrated the impossibility of an abduction, using a reconstitution played by actors to point out several contradictions in the testimonies that were given in Portugal and in England by the couple and the seven British persons that accompanied them, the so-called Tapas Bar group.
A source at the Public Ministry that was contacted by 24horas confirmed that the documentary, which is based on the book “Maddie: The Truth of the Lie”, by Gonçalo Amaral, was “watched very attentively” and that it will “obviously” be appended to the process, while the same may happen to the documentary that will result from the filming that was recently carried out under the guidance of Gerry McCann in Praia da Luz.

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Over 6 million have already watched documentary about Maddie’s death

Gonçalo Amaral

Gonçalo Amaral

The documentary ‘Maddie: Truth of the Lie’, that was broadcast by TVI, was the most watched programme in Portugal last Monday evening, and confirmed the station of Queluz de Baixo as the audience leader in Portugal. According to Marktest, this is even TVI’s best result in 2009.
The documentary by Manuel S. Fonseca – the same director of the ‘Amália’ movie – is based on the book “Maddie: The Truth of the Lie”, which Gonçalo Amaral, the former head of the investigation, wrote after he left the Polícia Judiciária.
According to the numbers that are now known in Portugal, the documentary, in which the former coordinator advances that Maddie died on the evening of her disappearance, obtained 53% of share and an average audience of 23,4, which corresponds to 2,209 million viewers. The number of viewers even reaches 2,466 million individuals, with audiences peaking at around 10.13 p.m., which matched a share of 69,5%.
According to the owners of several internet sites, which were contacted by 24horas, these 2,209 million viewers were joined by approximately 4 million people who saw the TVI broadcast through streaming, and not counting with those who since Monday have watched the documentary on YouTube, or on several blogs that are dedicated to the case.
Gonçalo Amaral, who was interviewed on “As Tardes da Júlia” show on TVI yesterday, further confirmed that the documentary will “hardly be shown on British television”, just like it happened with his book: “The editors were warned and they are afraid of publishing it in England”, the former coordinator of the CID in Portimão said.
Last Monday, TVI led the audience chart, with 33,8%, followed by RTP1, with 21,8%, and SIC, with 19,4 percent. At the Queluz de Baixo station, “Maddie: The Truth of the Lie” occupied the top slot of audiences, followed by ‘Feitiço de Amor’ and ‘Jornal Nacional’. ‘Telejornal’ from RTP1 was the most watched programme on the channel, occupying the fifth place in the chart, while ‘Jornal da Noite’, from SIC, appears on place nine.

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