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Maddie: “New suspect” is identified within the process


The alleged “new suspect” in the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, that was revealed by English newspaper “The Sun”, yesterday, citing a source that is connected to the production of the documentary that Channel 4 will broadcast on the seventh of May, was identified by the Polícia Judiciária during the inquiry.

According to the English newspaper, the man, who allegedly had a suspicious behaviour and a Mediterranean look, was seen alone, staring at the apartment that was occupied by the McCanns. The suspect was supposedly aged between 20 and 30.

This is allegedly not the same man that Jane Tanner described to the police but, as 24horas had already advanced, the documentary that was filmed under the direction of Gerry McCann will place the tone on an abduction that was committed by a “Mediterranean”, eventually a Portuguese man.

McCann’s don’t have all the documents

McCann’s don’t have all the documents

The alleged “new lead” was apparently discovered by the lawyers and the investigators who work for the McCanns, in the process that is no longer under judicial secrecy and in which, among other things, the identities of some of the citizens that were investigated at the time, are not revealed.

In the copy of the process that was consulted by the team that works for Kate and Gerry McCann, many pages are missing, as is the case for the majority of journalists.

Duarte Levy

Translated by Astro from Joana Morais blog.

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  1. Impartial says:

    Since you seem to be in the possession of more than the official version of the files, could you plz check on the beach outing Thursday 3rd. Missing pages “Outros Apensos pdf12 Anexo 63/64”

  2. missypuddleduck says:

    I wonder if the information the McCanns sought from the LP at the time of the Ward of Court|Justice Hogg time, was a cross reference to this sighting, they found in the official file.

    Perhaps the phone calls to their solicitor, who passed said information to the LP, contained something …. hence the reason to demand the information back, so they could follow up.

    There was a reason they wanted that information, although memory serves me right they only got a portion of it.

  3. Claudia says:

    I hope all the pathetic British rags identify this man as a new ‘suspect’ as well as the theatre play which will be broadcasted on the 7th May so the man in question is then able to sue all their ar**s off.

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