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Maddie: Rachael Mampilly interview at Leicestershire Police Headquarters – part I/III

Date of Interview:    09.04.08
Time Commenced:    1023 hours
Time Concluded:    1219 hours

1578    “Okay we’ll start again, the time is ten twenty three am and that’s on Wednesday the ninth of April, two thousand and eight.  We’re in an interview room at Leicestershire Police Force Headquarters.  I’m DC 1578 Andrew GIERC from the Leicestershire Major Crime Unit.  Would you kindly introduce yourself by giving us your full name and date of birth please”?
Reply    “Rachael Mariamma Jean MAMPILLY and date of birth is the eleventh of the eleventh, seventy”.
1578    “Thank you.  What’s your home address please”?
Reply    “Number twenty Sunderland Gardens, London SW14 8DB”.
1578    “Thanks.  Okay, just as an introduction, you’re here voluntarily as a significant witness to assist in the Portuguese investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine Beth McCANN, which occurred on Thursday the third of May, two thousand and seven in Portugal.  You’ve been given a letter of introduction by Detective Superintendent Stuart PRIOR, do you have any, any issues in respect of, of that letter”?
Reply    “Mmm no”.
1578    “Okay.  This interview’s being recorded, video recorded and monitored by Officers next door from Leicestershire Police and also the Portuguese Authorities”.
Reply    “Mmm mmm”.
1578    “And the purpose of the video recording is to maintain accuracy and integrity of the enquiry really”.
Reply    “Mmm yeah”.
1578    “I would ask that when you answer questions, you should really concentrate as hard as possible”.
Reply    “Yes”.
1578    “And take as long as you like and tell us everything”.
Reply    “Mmm mmm”.
1578    “Please don’t leave anything out, however trivial it may appear to yourself”.
Reply    “Mmm okay”.
1578    “And if you don’t understand any questions, please ask and I’ll try and explain and if you need a break at all”.
Reply    “Mmm”.
1578    “Just let me know.  The interview will be in a number of phases, firstly I’d like you to recall and explain the events leading up to the holiday, the friendship within the group”.
Reply    “Mmm mmm”.
1578    “And who was in the group, how it was organised”.

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