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Maddie: Rachael Mampilly interview at Leicestershire Police Headquarters – part II/III

Date of Interview:    09.04.08
Time Commenced:    1347 hours
Time Concluded:    1528 hours

1578    “Okay the time is one forty seven pm and that’s on Wednesday the ninth of April, two thousand and eight.  We’re in an interview room at Leicestershire Police Force Headquarters.  I’m DC 1578 Andrew GIERC of the Leicestershire Major Crime Unit.  Would you give me your full name and date of birth please”?
Reply    “Er Rachael Mariamma Jean MAMPILLY, eleventh of the eleventh, seventy”.
1578    “Thank you very much.  This is the second interview of today Rachael and we’ve discussed over the first interview, the build up to the holiday, the association of the group and you’ve then taken us through a summary of daily routines, upon arrival at the Resort and we’ve gone into some detail in respect of the activities on Thursday the third of May, two thousand and seven, the day of course that Madeleine disappeared”.
Reply    “Mmm mmm”.
1578    “I have a list of questions here from the Portuguese Authorities that I’d like to go through with you.  Firstly, could you clarify to me please your mobile phone number”?
Reply    “Yeah 07771 591461”.
1578    “And is that the number you had in Praia”?
Reply    “Yes, mm yeah”.
1578    “Okay.  Do you know who the user is of a mobile number, 917453319”?
Reply    “No, 917, 917, so it’d be 0917”?
1578    “No, you’ve just says 917, could it have been a Portuguese number”?
Reply    “Erm, just say it again”?

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