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Maddie’s father prepares another visit to Portugal

Photo : © Luis Silva 2009

Photo : © Luis Silva 2009

Gerry McCann, the father of the English child that disappeared in Praia da Luz, Algarve, in May 2007, is preparing another trip to Portugal, where, according to someone close to the couple, the two new investigators say they made “new discoveries” about what happened to Maddie.
Dave Edgar and Arthur Cowley, the two retired policemen that the McCann couple hired to analyse the documents that were released by the Public Ministry, now say that the child is being held in the area by one of five possible abductors that they have already identified. Those two investigators, that replaced an already long list of alleged detectives and military officers that have worked for the McCanns, further accuse the PJ of having ignored a list of 18 alleged perverts and a series of 6 attacks against English children in the Algarve.
Contrary to what was always stated by the detectives from Metodo 3 and the former military officers from Control Risks Group (CRG), two agencies that the McCann couple hired to allegedly search for Maddie, the new investigators don’t believe that the little girl was abducted by a child trafficking network or taken on board of a ship, some of the many theories that have been put forward to explain Madeleine’s disappearance.
Although the exact date of Gerry McCann’s trip to Portugal is not known yet, a source close to the couple confirmed that Madeleine’s father “will be in the Algarve when the two investigators deem it necessary”.
“Gerry McCann once challenged the PJ to find Madeleine’s body”, one of the PJ inspectors in Portimão said, adding that “now it’s our turn to challenge him: that he comes to Portugal to find his daughter. That is all that we ask from him. Otherwise, he should ask for the process to be reopened and he should return with his friends, to finally cooperate with justice.”

“Kate McCann” is missing

Lisa Donovan, the "fake" Kate McCann

Lisa Donovan, the "fake" Kate McCann

In the new documentary about the case, which SIC presented last night, titled “Maddie: Two years of anguish”, the images where American actress Lisa Donovan played Kate McCann’s role in the reconstitution of what supposedly happened on the night of the 3rd of May 2007, have disappeared.
A source at Mentorn Media – which produced the documentary for Channel 4 – told that the initiative to remove those images came from Gerry McCann, explaining that “the decision was made after the documentary by Gonçalo Amaral was broadcast”, as we had already reported. According to the same source, “the representation of what Kate had done on the night that Maddie disappeared was not convincing and raised some doubts”.
But it was not only the images of the false Kate that were cut, and many of the facts that lie at the core of Maddie’s disappearance, like David Payne’s visit to the apartment between 6 and 7 p.m., ended up not even being mentioned: David’s wife herself told the police that she didn’t know where her husband was during that time lapse; while Kate and David speak about a 30 second visit, the child’s father mentions half an hour. The matter was of crucial importance to the PJ because that is the time lapse during which Madeleine is seen alive by someone outside of the couple.
The actress, who had been chosen during a casting in England, wasn’t able to explain the mystery behind the cutting of the images that were filmed in Praia da Luz, nevertheless confirming that she was paid for her work. The actress is forbidden from revealing to the media the contents of the images that Mentorn Media filmed, and the same happens with the other 14 actors.

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  1. Coco says:

    Really interesting that there was no editing regarding Jane Tanner leaving a ”sick” child whilst she dined. I wonder how Ms Tanner feels about that? Fancy leaving a ”sick” child! Tut. Tut.

    Also good to see that they didn’t edit the part where Ms Tanner tells Gerry that Kate was having a gripe about him being gone so long ……… and thinking he had sneaked off to watch the football!

    But why oh why did they leave the bit in where Ms Tanner is adamant about where she reckons Gerry and Jez Wilkins were standing when she allegedly passed them on the narrow road?

    Was this because she is Gerry’s one and only alibi for his whereabouts? Is it because Gerry told her he had just seen the Smiths when he was …… elsewhere?

    Surely it wasn’t so that the new copper could comfort the viewers by telling us that in major investigations people don’t always see things in quite the same way?

    One thing is for sure ….. the Clan want us to continue seeing things the way they want us to see all this.

    They should be hauled off to Portugal and requestioned on the strength of this ridiculous documentary alone!

    This was a huge mistake on the part of the Clan and I think their lawyers must be really irritated by all this nonsensical harping on about their innocence.

    The Clan are loose cannons and I fear that they doth protest far too much. This was not a reconstruction of anything – It was another excuse to tell as many people as possible that they are innocent and still looking for a child that two dogs have already told us are dead.

  2. Mairy Hinge says:

    So if they really have got hold of eighteen ‘perverts’ details, what’s to say something incriminating couldn’t be planted at one of their addresses? Just hope he’s watched 24/7 as I wouldn’t trust him as far as I could throw him!

  3. Good comment from the PJ Inspector, will the McCanns have the nerve to ask for the case to be
    re-opened based on these Detectives theories…I
    think not.!!!!

    If this is all they come up with after trawling
    30,000.00 Files at a cost to the Fund of £100,000.0
    you have to wonder who keeps finding these “experts”.

  4. chris says:

    going back to portugal? could this be another red herring

  5. Roseanne says:

    Sorry, my last sentence should read: “…there would NOT have been much of a “reconstruction” left to show”
    ( I really should start to re-read my posts before submitting them…)

  6. Roseanne says:

    “the representation of what Kate had done on the night that Maddie disappeared was not convincing and raised some doubts”.
    Oh,oh, that would not look good, would it? Couldn’t whitewash it no matter how you would go about it, heh?
    So they had no other choice but to cut it!
    Pitty they didn’t do the same with Tanner’s “spotting the abductor” scene. I bet they tried over and over again to film it according to Tanner’s description, with Gerry and Wilkins, outside 5A’s gate, on the same sidewalk as Tanner, but soon realized that it would prove that it was absolutelly impossible for both of them not to have seen her passing by, almost brushing shoulders with them on a narrow sidewalk! But they had to show some sort of “reconstruction”, so why not ignore what Tanner said in her statements to the portuguese and british police and go ahead and do it as Gerry said it was? Otherwise I’m afraid there would have been much of a “reconstruction” to show.


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