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The McCanns’ Manipulation – Part I

the suspect according to Derek

the suspect according to Derek


Derek Flack, one of the witnesses that the Channel 4 documentary was based upon, told the Polícia Judiciária that on Wednesday, the 2nd of May, or on Thursday, the 3rd of May, “during the day (can’t remember but says that possibly in the afternoon), in the company of his wife, and while walking to the ‘Baptista Supermarket’, he observed an individual (approximately 1,70 tall, dark skinned appearing to be of Portuguese nationality, with a one-day stubble, with short thick hair that stretched down to collar level at the back, and wearing a solid yellow t-shirt) who was standing on a corner of the walkway looking (that being the reason to suspect said person) into the direction of the apartment where Madeline would later disappear from.

He added that in a straight line from where the individual was standing, looking, on the other side of the street, a vehicle was parked, of a van type, white colour, with a person (can’t remember whether the person was inside or outside the van). He can’t describe said person.”
Derek Flack’s testimony is equally consigned in the process on pages 145 to 153 and 200 to 205, where the photofit (nr. 18) that was created according to the couple’s instructions is also included.

Norton's van

Norton's van

The same process includes the identity of an English citizen who was identified as being the man who Derek Flack saw, which was equally corroborated by other witnesses: it is BARRINGTON GODFREY NORTON, who, like Flack had mentioned, drives a white van, namely when he goes to the Batista supermarket to shop, which happened on that date.

translated by Astro on Joana Morais blog

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