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Dianne Webster – Record Of Tape Recorded Interview

Diane Webster was interviewed the 11th april 2008 at Leicestershire Constabulary force headquarters in Enderby by the DC 4078 Ferguson.

4078    “It says we’re recording okay so I’ll just say now that the time is ten twenty six and its Friday isn’t it, the eleventh of April. It is Friday isn’t it?”
Reply    “Is it the eleventh?”
4078    “Yeah.”
Reply    “Yeah.”
4078    “It says so on the clock here.”
Reply    “Oh right.”
4078    “I wouldn’t have known otherwise.”
Reply    “Yeah, yeah.”
4078    “And it’s two thousand and eight. We’re in an interview room at the Headquarters at Leicestershire Police and I am DC Sophie FERGUSON and I work in the Major Crime Unit at Leicestershire Police. Can you just give me your full name please?”
Reply    “Dianne WEBSTER.”

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